Interrailing FAQs

What do I get when I book a package?

You get all train travel and accommodation included in the price. That is, all train travel between the first city and last city on the trip and accommodation in the best hostels in each city, or in 3-4* hotels if you choose this option. For loop trips you also get return coach travel from anywhere in the UK to the continent and back but flights are not included in any of our packages. You get breakfast in some hostels too, and can add this as an extra in hotels. You also get a detailed itinerary telling you exactly what trains to get and directions to the hostels. So all you need to pay for is travel to the start destination and from the end destination.

Can I go on a Euroventure if I'm under 18?

Yes, generally you can go on a Euroventure if you or some of your group is under 18, however you must inform us before you book if this is the case. Our partner hostels and hotels have different rulings regarding under 18s, for example some do not allow minors to share dorms with strangers (meaning you’d need to go in a private room with your group, and pay the extra cost), and some don’t allow minors at all, meaning we have to use an alternative hostel. Others are fine to have under 18s as long as they carry a note of permission from a legal guardian. If you’re in any doubt, just ask us for a quote and we’ll let you know if it’s fine for you to travel with us 🙂

What are the hostels like?

For a detailed article about what travelling in hostels is like go to our hostels guide

It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare to arrive in a foreign city with nowhere to stay – that’s why we book and all your accommodation in every city in advance. Booking with us means no nasty surprises – you won’t have to worry about hostels being full or even just being a bit dodgy!

All our handpicked hostels are centrally located and within easy reach of public transport.  We only use the best, most modern and sociable hostels along the way which we have personally visited to make sure they’re suitable.

Most travelers stay in dorms with other backpackers, unless you’ve specified that you want private rooms, with all the facilities you would expect from a top hostel. Most will have free wifi and lockers. Breakfast is often free and you can also get involved in various activities put on by the hostels, such as pub crawls and city tours.

Once you’ve booked your package, we will send you your travel pack, which includes all the information on the specific hostels and how to get to each one.

Can I stay in a hostel if I'm travelling with children?

Although many hostels will take under 18s, generally our hostels do not accept young children, even in private rooms. Hostels are great fun but can be noisy and are not be an appropriate environment for young children, since many will have bars and nightclubs on site and their facilities may not be child friendly. It goes without saying that children cannot stay in dorm rooms with adults, even when accompanied by their parents.

If you would like to travel with Children, you can do so but you will need to stay in hotel rooms.

What are the hotels like?

If you choose to stay in hotels, we’ll usually book you into 3-4* hotels like Ibis Styles, Mercure, Sofitel and MGallery. We might also book in carefully selected independent hotels of the same star rating where that’s the best option. Just like with hostels, all the hotels we choose are centrally located and well connected by public transport, so you’ll never end up stranded.

What happens if I miss a train?

We usually offer a couple of trains that you can take in the day. However, sometimes we need to reserve specific trains, so if you miss them, or there are no more trains that day, then you will have to get a new reservation for a train later in the day or, occasionally, the next day in order to catch up with the itinerary. In any case, if this happens, call us and we will try and help you.

I don’t know what package I want! Can you help?

Of course. Check out our interrail planning guide and have a look at our destination guides for some of our cities. If you’re not quite sure where to start, just give us a call or email and we can provide you with expert advice on all the destinations.

Do I travel in a group or with somebody from Euroventure?

Unless you book through Travel Buddies, you’ll travel on your own or in your own group of friends. We don’t add other customers to your trip and you won’t have a guide cramping your style. That’s not to say you won’t meet people – travelling in hostels you’re bound to meet loads of cool people, but by travelling with us you’re free to do that at your own pace. Euroventure trips are all about independence – you just follow the itinerary and do your own thing, knowing that we’re only a phone call away if you run into difficulty.

If you book through Travel Buddies, you’ll be travelling with whoever has also booked onto your trip. However, although you will all be doing the same route and staying in the same hostels, you’re totally free to do your own thing too – you don’t have to stick with everyone the whole way. This is a good option if you don’t want to go it completely alone as you’ve always got someone you know when you are travelling and when you’re staying at each hostel. You might choose to do stuff together, or you might not, but many a friendship has blossomed on previous euroventures!

Do you schedule in night travel?

Sometimes, yes. Some packages have one or two night trains in order to cover big distances such as Prague to Krakow. In this case, the extra charge for the night train will be covered by us as you won’t be requiring a hostel. Details will be provided when you submit a quote request for a route.

If you choose a Loop package these are designed to cover as much distance as possible in the shortest space of time, so on those you might find that most journeys if not all involve night trains or night coaches.

What are the night trains like?

The night trains are a great way to save time by travelling overnight in a comfortable environment. As far as availability allows, we try to get our customers into individual bunk beds in mixed lockable compartments of 6 people, with bedding included. If you want to travel in single-sex compartments or with fewer people this can be arranged as well at an extra cost. There are toilets located at one or both ends of the carriage and there is a guard that will supervise the corridor, check your tickets and let you know when you’re arriving. Sometimes the guards will take your passport and ticket off you when you get on – don’t panic – this is a safety precaution and they’ll always get them back to you in the morning.

How much does it cost?

The ‘from’ prices are listed on the package pages and are based on 4 people travelling in low season. The price may be higher depending on the number of people travelling, their age, nationality and specific events in certain destinations.

For large groups and for low season the price may be slightly lower than what is indicated on the package pages. We don’t believe in offering a “from” price that is unattainable, instead we call it the “average from” price based on what most people book. Request a quote for a definitive price.

When do I pay?

Once you’ve confirmed your package with our team via email or by phone, you need to pay a non-refundable £150 deposit per person to reserve a package. You then need to make full payment at least 90 days before the start of the trip. We can also arrange a set of instalments if you are coordinating a lot of people to pay.

How do I pay?

When you are happy with your package, you can pay Euroventure online using your secure online portal (you’ll find the link to this in your booking summary), by card over the phone, using online bank transfer or over the counter at your local bank. Our friendly advisors will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

When do I receive my tickets?

Once we receive your final payment we will get to work on purchasing your train tickets which don’t become available as early as the accommodation. In some cases, we can’t get hold of tickets until four weeks in advance, so we normally say you should expect your travel pack around 2-4 weeks before you depart.

Are transfers to Europe included?

Our packages do not include flights to the start and from the end of the trip. Our loop trips however do include coach travel (or Eurostar) from the UK. If your trip starts in Paris or Amsterdam then we can of course add Eurostar or coach travel to the start and end of your trip.

Is my booking financially secure?

100%. Your booking is insured by International Passenger Protection so if something happens to Euroventure, your money is always safe and would be returned to you in full by the insurers.