How to book your Euroventure

So, you’ve decided you’re going on a Euroventure, you’ve sent off a quote request and received your reply (remember to check your spam folders if you haven’t!) and you want to get booked in as soon as possible. What’s the next step? Check out the handy guide below which explains the booking process step by step…

1. Check the details of the quote – is there anything you’d like to change?

If you’re happy with the quote and route online, you can just go ahead and book your trip online. Just press “next” on the quote screen, fill in your details and pay by card. Then you’ll receive your confirmation within 24 hours! If you love the route but just want to tweak it a bit before you book, that’s totally fine too! You’ll receive an email a few moments after requesting the route online – just reply to it to discuss your requirements with your personal trip planner.

We are totally flexible: want to spend an extra night in Florence? Miss out Bratislava? Stay in a hotel in Budapest? Everything in your trip can be customised. Let us know exactly what want and, provided it’s physically possible, we will sort it for you. Why not take a look at our destinations page for inspiration? Once we’ve done that and confirmed the price with you it’s on to the next step.

2. Check and confirm your trip summary

Once everything is exactly as you want it and you’re happy to go ahead, just let us know and we’ll send you a trip summary by email which contains the breakdown of your trip, along with the customer details form and payment information. Your quote is valid for 7 days, and once you decide to book you have a further 7 days to pay your deposit – after that we’ll need to re-quote you in case of supplier price changes.

3. Fill in your customer details and pay your £150pp deposit to secure your booking*

Following the payment instructions on your trip summary, each member of your group will need to pay £150 by card using the secure online payment portal sent to you, or over the phone if you prefer. We also accept bank transfers. We never charge a fee when you use a credit or debit card – not even for non-uk cards! You can each do this separately provided you use the same customer reference number, as given on your trip summary. Then you will need to fill in the customer details for all of your group. Once this is done, your booking is confirmed! Yaaay!


4. Paying off your account: 3 secure ways to pay (and still no fees!)…

So you’ve booked – now what? If you look at your trip summary, you’ll see there are 3 payment options:

  1. Pay off the whole amount upfront – if you’re able to do this and get it all out of the way with the deposit, why not -you’ll save 5% off your total! If you’re booking less than 90 days in advance of departure, full payment is required.
  2. Pay it off in installments – if you book in advance, split the cost over monthly installments, or as many as you like – we’re flexible!
  3. Pay it off 90 days before departure – pay the remaining balance minus the deposit on or before the date specified in your trip summary.

5. Receive your travel pack in the post!

Expect to receive your pack approximately 2-4 weeks before departure**. The pack will include tickets, passes, reservations, hotel information, your detailed travel directions and city guides, not to mention a few freebies on top…

6. What are you waiting for? GO!

Venice Banner

*bookings within 90 days of departure will require full payment on receipt of the trip summary to book and are non-refundable. Some packages (e.g. trips over 45 days) will require a larger deposit proportional to the overall cost of the trip.

**bookings at short notice or extremely busy patches may receive packs nearer to the departure date. But don’t worry – your pack is guaranteed to arrive in time for your departure. We require 14 days minimum to book accommodation, order and receive tickets and package and post the travel pack, so we cannot book trips at shorter notice than this. For further information please call us during office hours on 01133365198.

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