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Oktoberfest is unashamedly about celebrating and drinking German beer, which is fine by us! Oktoberfest has long traditions steeped in Bavarian culture, and has long been the global benchmark in celebrating beer.

But it’s not just about drinking (unless you really want it to be). Oktoberfest is a glorious mixture of traditional dress, local food, dancing and much more; it’s one of the world’s biggest parties.

What is the Oktoberfest Camp like?

Each day the campsite holds the biggest party you can find outside of the beer halls. You know you’re always coming home to friendly faces, plenty of beer, great music and delicious food. Our add-on trips might just prove unforgettable, but feel free to do your best, because for an extra 10€ a day we offer you all the beer (or sangria) that you want.

When you’re staying with hundreds of people from all around the world, you’re bound to make unforgettable friends and share incredible experiences.

Campsite Entertainment

At Oktoberfest Camp for the third year running there will be an on-site carnival, making sure you leave dizzy, dazed and with memories to last a lifetime.

Quick Facts

Where: Munich, Bavaria, Germany
When: September 15th – October 4th
How: Make your own way there to meet Stoke Travel or book as part of a Euroventure package
9AM onwards – Guides take you into Oktoberfest on public transport in the morning and return with you in the afternoon. Change to direct you to the  beer halls on public transport. Meet us at the Lowenbrau tent.
Cost: £52  (min 2 nights)
Sleep: Camping accommodation (twin share tent, mattress, sleeping bag)
Eat: Hot breakfasts every day and dinner every night
Inclusions: Accommodation, breakfast and dinner, massive campsite parties, guides to Oktoberfest, massive international crowd, Carnival activities, onsite DJs, live interactive radio show, festival atmosphere, free Munich walking tour.
Add ons: Unlimited beer and sangria (10€ a day – 8am-12am), traditional clothes, campsite entertainment, awesome Munich bike tour through the city to one of the biggest beer gardens in the world.

A day at the Oktoberfest Camp

8AM-10AM – Hot breakfast to get you all fueled up for a day of beer and mayhem at the festival.
9AM onwards – Guides direct you to the  beer halls on public transport. Meet us at the Lowenbrau tent.
8PM – Dinner included every night.
9PM onwards –  Campsite entertainment to fires up your imagination and senses.
10PM – Campsite party begins; the beer and sangria will be flowing and the music will start pumping.
11PM – Oktoberfest closes for the night and all those who have lasted the day continue onto the campsite to join the party.