Travel Insurance – Get a Quote

We hope you won’t need it, but sorting out travel insurance is really important to cover unexpected costs – not just while you’re away, but also before you go away if you end up having to cancel your trip. Unfortunately we’ve heard of it happening to customers before, and we wouldn’t want it to happen to you! That’s why we recommend you get insured as soon as you book if you aren’t already covered by annual insurance, or as part of a family insurance policy.

You can get a quote below, but never assume you’ll be covered just because you think that’s what travel insurance is for! Not all policies suit the particular travel needs of everyone, so please take the time to read it carefully to know what’s covered, what’s not covered, the limits to cover and exclusions. And if you don’t understand it, just get in touch with the insurance company and ask.

Once you’ve got a policy number, we recommend you write it down together with the phone number to make a claim, and keep it on you. Remember that insurance companies want to be notified of any potential claim within 24hrs and always require supporting evidence, such as receipts, airline lost baggage forms, police reports, doctor’s notes and so on.