2018 is our 5th Anniversary year, and big changes are afoot.

This October we are incredibly excited to announce that Euroventure.eu is about to become Euroventure.COM – and with it we’ll be migrating across to a stunning new website.

As part of the launch, Euroventure is thrilled to bring you our 2018 Interactive Video, in Partnership with Fresh Cut Uk Productions. We’ve been working hard on this project for months, and are so proud and excited to finally be able to make it public!

Back in May our intrepid cameraman Jon covered five amazing destinations across Europe (he even met some of you guys along the way…). We did our best to handpick some of the continent’s most incredible experiences and stunning locations for your viewing pleasure. Check out the interactive video to get a feel for where a solo Euroventure could take you…

Whether you picture yourself exploring amazing scenery, thrill seeking activities, awesome nightlife, fairy-tale castle or classic sightseeing, just click to start your Euroventure. Begin in the departures lounge of the Eurostar terminal in London. What activities will you choose in each destination?

If, like us, you want to create your own trip after watching this vide (we don’t blame you), just fill in our custom Euroventure form and one of our team will get back to you by the next working day with a price and itinerary. All the activities you’ll see on the video are easily reached from our destinations, so just give us a shout if you want to take a leaf out of Jon’s book…



The new website will be launching from mid-November over on www.euroventure.com. It’ll feature increased functionality for creating custom trips online, an expanded online magazine section and a visually stunning new layout.

Although we’ll have a new look, we’ll still be the same old Euroventure underneath, with the same passion for creating life-changing trips and personal relationships with our customers. Find out more about who we are here – or learn more about our trips.

Here’s to 5 years of exploring, adventuring and discovering alongside you – and to many many more!