What do I get?

Stays at top rated hostels and hotels

Each hostel and hotel that we use is carefully selected for its great atmosphere, excellent facilities (some hostels even have pools, bars and clubs on site) and friendly staff. When you travel with us you know you’ll be well looked after and there won’t be any nasty surprises – we test them ourselves so we should know!

All train tickets, passes, AND reservations
Whether you’ve booked one of our pre-made trips or customised your own, don’t worry about searching out tickets and passes from different providers; just let Euroventure sort it. We know exactly where to go to get all the cheapest tickets, so we save you stress and money! On top of that, you get all your reservations sorted in advance where you need them. These can be more expensive than you’d think and are often compulsory so, unlike with other companies, when you travel with Euroventure there’re no unexpected fees. Once you’ve booked with us, everything is sorted.
Coach or Eurostar transport if requested
If you’d like, we can include your coach or Eurostar to get to your first destination. Available from UK cities to/from Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels. Ask us for more info!
Personalised Travel Pack
With Euroventure you’ll receive a personalised travel pack containing:

  • Detailed train times and itinerary
  • Directions to each station and hostel/hotel
  • Public transport, currency and language guides
  • Day trip and city guides
  • How to use your pass/tickets – tips and explanations for how to use all your tickets.
  • A few little presents from us, just because…
No stress
Just incredible experiences, great new friends and enough amazing memories to last a lifetime! And in the unlikely even of anything going wrong, you’ve always got our 24hr out-of-hours line to call whilst you’re away.


What do I need to organise?

If you’re travelling further afield than Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris, it’s going to be a lot quicker and normally cheaper to book budget flights than to try to cover the distance by bus or train. We’re unfortunately not currently able to sell flights, but if you’re struggling to find a good deal please feel free to ask us and we’ll be happy to help find some options for your group.
Travel Insurance
Hopefully you won’t need it, but travel insurance is essential to make sure you’re covered for any unpleasant surprises while you’re away. You can do this through our website by heading to our affiliate Travel Insurance page.
Visa arrangements
If you are coming to the UK or EU from certain countries (for example: India, the Philippines, Kenya among others), you may need a UK and/or Schengen visa. Legally, we cannot help with your application, so this is something that you will need to organise by contacting your embassy. If required, we are able to supply supporting documents for an additional fee.
Day trips/tours
Since every traveller is different, we like to leave you guys free to explore Europe on your own terms. We organise all your accommodation and transport arrangements to remove the stress, but once you arrive you’re free to organise yourself as you please. If you’re stuck for ideas about day trips or excursions, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’ll be glad to offer some ideas. Our partner hostels arrange loads of different trips and tours, so ask at reception when you arrive to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy.

We think we’ve covered everything, but if you have any questions about our trips, just get in touch! You can email info@euroventure.eu any time, or call us Monday – Friday 8-8 on 0113 868 2360. No question is too big or small.

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